What happens if we eat saffron every day?

Premium quality saffron is one of the best wellness warriors out there helping multiple people combat their health woes naturally. Including pure saffron to your daily wellness routine can open up multiple health benefits. However, increasing your saffron intake limit over the recommended serving may prove to be toxic for you.

Can we take Saffron Every day?

Saffron, when taken in moderate helpings, can be taken everyday with your general routine. You can add some flavouring to your food with your favourite saffron recipes. You can also sprinkle a little on your favourite milk-based beverages to enjoy the healthy benefits. However, make sure you don’t exceed more than 1.5 grams of saffron each day.

Is saffron safe for long term usage?

Saffron is an all-natural spice that comes packed with potent health benefits. If you’re using superior quality saffron and moderating your usage, you can include saffron in your everyday wellness routine. Ideally, health experts recommend spacing out your saffron intake so that you can reap the benefits for a longer time.

If you’re concerned about using saffron every single day, you can chalk up a wellness regime where you use saffron twice or thrice a week in moderate amounts. You may also talk to a nutrition specialist regarding your saffron queries.

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