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100% Organic Saffron Straight From Kashmir To Your Plate

A spice..straight from a slice of heaven… Being one of the most elite spices to flavor your food, Kashmiri Saffron is indeed, a class apart. From the subtle aroma enhancing your food to the molten gold tinge that colors your favorite dish, saffron is a spice like no other.

Know Us a Little Better

Widely used for centuries to add a burst of flavor to your food and as a robust natural dye, Saffron from the heavenly meadows of Kashmir is world renowned.…And we are bringing the best of organic saffron sourced straight from Kashmir and right into your cooking pot! At Kashmiri Saffron, our aim is to make authentic saffron easily accessible to any and every cooking enthusiast across UK. But wait..that’s not all !!

The Best of Saffron-based Products Brought Closer To You

We are more than just a company selling Saffron. We believe in the potent power of authentic saffron that can help you with a wide range of health benefits, including pregnancy. That’s probably why our product selection ranges from authentic Saffron to saffron-based condiments like saffron honey, beverages like saffron tea, and health powerhouse products like silajit.

Explore The Innumerable Health Benefits of Saffron With Us Diet Check

If you’re looking forward to loosing a few pounds, nothing says weight loss in style better than authentic saffron from Kashmir.

Mood Check

If you’ve been feeling a little gloomy off late, this ‘sunshine spice’  can clearly turn the frown upside down with its mood elevating properties.

PMS Check

If feeling cranky and bloated is on your to-do list, sipping a cup of warm saffron tea can actually help appease your hormone monster.

Pregnancy Check

From combating mood swings and lack of sleep to indigestion and more- stepping into motherhood need not be a whirlwind anymore with Saffron’s blood pressure, morning sickness, and hormone control properties.

These heath benefits are merely the tip of an iceberg, with organic Kashmiri Saffron bringing along with many more other health benefits like cancer prevention, dimentia prevention, and more.
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