Can I take Saffron with Antidepressants?

Giving in to mood fluctuations, stress, anxiety, and depression will only get us so far. On the other hand, we understand your qualms about constantly popping heavily-dosed medicines to calm the storm in your mind. That’s why we have some exciting news for everyone looking for an effortless and natural way to bind the mental chains that bring you distress.

If you’re new to traditional remedies, saffron, a beautiful, aromatic spice from Indian and Middle-Eastern origins can be your companion throughout your mental distress.

Being an age-old elixir, saffron was often used for clothes and hair dyeing. However, the best usage of saffron was in exotic delectable dishes that gave it an all-natural, aroma-filled boost. But did you know, this flavour-enhancing beauty can also help you cope with depression and anxiety better?

How does Saffron help with depression?

Many healthcare specialists noted that saffron’s mood-regulating properties caused a significant reduction in depressive episodes and can thus help antidepressants further. However, if you’re already on prescribed antidepressant medication, wellness experts recommend consulting your healthcare provider first to avoid unwanted interaction with this organic spice.

How to Take Saffron for Reducing Depression?

You can add a pinch of this aromatic spice to your food or sprinkle some in your favourite beverages like saffron tea. However, moderation and responsible usage should always be your first priority, since too much of anything is never good for your health.

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